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Kung Fury taps '80s nostalgia with its kung fu cop, Power Glove and killer arcade machines

The in-production action comedy movie Kung Fury taps into what made '80s cinema so great (and so bad): tough Miami cops, time travel, DeLoreans, Uzi-wielding Viking soldiers riding on dinosaurs and the NES Power Glove.

The tongue-in-cheek film project, which is currently seeking final funding through Kickstarter, relies heavily on decades-old nostalgia. From its killer arcade machines — the fictional Lazor Invader cabinet seemingly hates the Miami police force — to its 8-bit time travel software, the throwback references are extremely thick. And while movie tropes appear to be the greatest resource mined for Kung Fury, its protagonist's Chun-li kicks and high Nazi soldier body count are likely to be appreciated by video game fans. (If Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon struck a chord with you, watch the short film's trailer posted above.)

Kung Fury's creator, David Sandberg, who is writing, directing and starring in the film, says "most of the film" has already been shot using ample green screen techniques. He's looking for funding to help complete the 30-minute film's digital effects and, should funding reach a certain level, turn Kung Fury into a full-length movie.

More details about the project are available at the film's Kickstarter page.

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