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AtheneLive raises more than $10M for Save the Children charity

Gamers have donated more than $10 million to the Save the Children charity through charitable organization and community Gaming for Good.

Gaming for Good is a charitable project started by AtheneLive, a gaming community founded by popular streamer Athene. The professional gamer, whose real name is Bachir Boumaaza, raised money for the organization while streaming via the AtheneLive Twitch account. At the time of writing, total funds donated sits at $10,046,940.

In another project to raise money for the Save the Children charity earlier this year, Gaming for Good began offering games in exchange for donations to the charity. To assist with the project, developers provided game keys for titles including To the Moon, Space Pirates and Zombies, Alan Wake: American Nightmare and War of the Roses.

In 2012, AtheneLive and Save The Children raised more than $1 million for its ShareCraft project that donated money for the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. Twitch also provides all AtheneLive subscription revenue, with exception of Twitch support costs, to Save The Children's Newborn and Child Survival programs.

Thank you, Jason Carver.