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Wolfire Games' Overgrowth available on Steam's Early Access

Wolfire Games' third-person 3D action game Overgrowth is available for Windows PC, Linux and Mac on Steam's Early Access for 17 percent off at $24.99.

The discounted price is on offer until Jan. 2, 2014. Taking on the role of a ninja rabbit, Overgrowth players engage in combat with various enemies using a range of weapons. The developers state that while the game's mechanics and features "are mostly in place," there is no campaign but early adopters have the ability to experiment with modding tools and the arena fighting mode.

"In its current state, it is more like a sandbox of technology and martial arts, and less like a story-driven action-adventure," developer David Rosen writes. "If you want to play through a polished campaign, you may want to wait until the game is fully completed! If you would like to have fun experimenting with our technology and mechanics as they evolve, and support us as we complete the game, then now is a great time to join our community."

Those who purchase the title from the Humble Store also get the developer's other two titles Receiver and Low Light Combat for free. Equipped with only a gun and an audio cassette player, Receiver players must solve of the mystery of "Mindkill" while destroying threats such as drones and turrets. The game launched on Valve's distribution platform in April after being approved through Steam Greenlight.

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