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Take This Project relaunches as Take This, provides new home for mental health support

Formally known as the Take This Project, an initiative that aims to support those suffering from depression and anxiety, relaunched as Take This alongside a new website, organizers revealed recently.

The Take This website offers a new home for sufferers and their families to share personal stories and experiences with mental illness. It also provides information on when to seek help, how to find it and choosing the right therapist.

Speaking at PAX East last year, Polygon's features editor and Take This' co-founder Russ Pitts shared how he, then-Escapist editor-in-chief and current Joystiq managing editor Susan Arendt, Dr. Mark Kline and others created Take This to let people know suffering anxiety and depression that they aren't alone.

Those who wish to share their story, anonymously or otherwise, with Take This and its community are welcome to submit their thoughts via the initiative's Share Your Story page. People are also invited to offer a tax-deductible donation via the Take This website, allowing the project to reach more people and offer more help.

To learn more about the Take This, read our full write-up from the organization's panel at PAX East, where its founders and contributors discussed the project's foundation, its future and the stories of those behind it. Take This will be at PAX East, April 11-13, 2014 with more details expected to be announced at a future date.

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