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Capcom releasing story DLC for Gaist Crusher tomorrow

Capcom and developer Treasure's action title Gaist Crusher is getting a batch of narrative-driven add-on content, according to Japanese publication Gamer.

The DLC will launch tomorrow, Dec. 28 alongside the game's first wave of post-launch Gaimetal toys, which function for the 3DS title in a way similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures.

In Gaist Crusher, players take down large metal-like beasts called Gaists, after which the creatures' skins can be worn like armor and used in battle against other players and Gaists. This DLC centers around the legendary Gaist Yamato and tasks players with defeating the powerful creature. The three new Gaimetal toys, which give players access to additional gear sets, will be released alongside the DLC: these are Gaists called the Corpse Baegon, Blast Shisarion and Kirisaku Ashiberuno.

Gaist Crusher, announced in April as Capcom's newest transmedia project, launched for Nintendo 3DS in Japan earlier this month to lukewarm reception, failing to break into the top 20 games in Japan that week. An animated series of the same name based on the game launched in the region earlier this fall. There are currently no details on an international release.

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