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Street Fighter mobile card battler coming to Japan

Street Fighter: Battle Combination, a mobile card battling game centered around the Street Fighter series' classic goal of chaining together powerful attacks, is on its way to Android and iOS devices in Japan, according to the game's website.

The game allows players to duke it out in five-on-five combat against each other, tasking them with stringing together moves from series favorites like Chun Li, Akuma and Ryu. In this way, the game plays much like a typical round of Street Fighter, but each character card represents only the signature move of that fighter.

Players must play the cards in the right order to chain single attacks into Street Fighter-like combos, and the damage dealt is calculated by a number of factors including the team's overall health. Playing each card will also have an associated power cost, limiting players from throwing out too many powerful cards at once.

The game features three different modes: a Stage Mode, Versus Mode and a challenge stage called the Formidable Foe Battle Mode.

Street Fighter: Battle Combination just wrapped up an open beta phase on Android and will be released officially for both platforms soon. There are currently no details on an international release.

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