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Here's where Children of Liberty is headed in 2014

Children of Liberty, Lantana Games' stealth game set in colonial America, will be smoother and more polished in 2014, according to an update posted on the game's Kickstarter blog.

As the developer celebrates its fifth anniversary next year, it will be focusing on finishing levels and getting the game to run more consistently in the coming months.

"Right now our development focus is on content and continuing to go through feedback from local testing," the update reads. "By early 2014, you can expect gameplay to be a lot smoother all around, hold a better framerate, and have many more varied scenarios in gameplay, all with a focus on our core stealth mechanics of hiding, sneaking, and surprising. Right now we are putting some minor, final polishes on the Warehouse, finishing up Long Wharf, and blocking out The Governor's Mansion. By February we should be starting on The Jail and will have at least begun building the cinematic areas, like Old North Church and The Green Dragon. Schedule allowing, the cinematic areas might even all be done sooner than expected. Fingers crossed!"

Lantana Games will also be working on "bringing in the last bits of voice acting" next year.

For more on the game, which takes place in April 1775, check out a gallery of screenshots and a trailer released early this year. Hop over to the Kickstarter blog to learn more how Children of Liberty progressed in 2013.

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