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Mighty No. 9 design for heroine Call revealed

The final design for Mighty No. 9's supporting robot heroine, Call, has been revealed after a fan vote, Comcept USA announced via Kickstarter.

Comcept asked backers to vote on one of nine designs in September. Voters selected Yuuji Natsume's design (pictured above), or choice F. The E design placed second with 41 percent of the vote, while design H amounted to 15 percent. You can view all nine designs in the Kickstarter post from September.

Keiji Inafune announced the Mega Man spiritual successor earlier this year at PAX Prime. Mighty No. 9 was funded via Kickstarter and amassed a total of $3.8 million in pledges, far surpassing its $900,000 goal.

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