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ToeJam and Earl 3 Dreamcast beta surfaces online

A copy of the Dreamcast beta for action game ToeJam and Earl 3: Mission to Earth is available online at Assembler Games.

ToeJam and Earl 3 was in early development for Dreamcast and Nintendo 64, though both versions were scrapped in favor of its release on Xbox in 2002. According to the post on Assembler Games, user ZakHooiTM did not get permission to use the beta, though efforts were made to contact Sega. The files was discovered on a Dreamcast dev kit from eBay, which ZakHooiTM picked up for $1,200.

"When I received the devkit I was eager to see what was on the internal hard drive (all devkits have one, except older versions)," ZakHooiTM wrote. "I connected the kit to my PC and opened Windows Explorer, there where the raw files of the game. However, I had to rebuild the GD-M (GD Emulator) project file in order to get it to boot, when I got it to boot I went to Assembler Games and showed my discovery. So there are no GD-ROMs that are discovered, I just got very lucky to find the game assets and the binary to boot the game."

ZakHooiTM is taking donations for the beta; proceeds will be given to Mardan School, which helps educate children with learning disorders.

In September, ZakHooiTM released beta footage from the game; watch it above. The files are available to download via Assembler Games.

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