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Team Meat releases second track for Mew-Genics

Mew-Genics developer Team Meat released the second track, "Dirty Mittens," for its upcoming cat-breeding game.

The game's music is being produced by two-man band Ridiculon. "Dirty Mittens," is an upbeat, brassy track available to download for $1 via Ridiculon's Bandcamp page. According to Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen, the song is one of 12 "jukebox" tracks that will loop through the game.

"They change with the weather, so when it starts to rain it will cue up the slow moody tracks, or when it gets really hot the more fast paced tracks appear," McMillen wrote.

You can listen to the track above.

Team Meat released the first song from the game's soundtrack, "The Ballad of D. Claude," earlier this year. Mew-Genics is currently being developed for Android, iOS and Steam. A release date has not been announced.