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Reddit user compiling unofficial wishlist of Xbox One improvements

One intrepid Reddit user has taken it upon himself to compile suggestions and improvements for the recently-launched Xbox One based on player feedback, launching a wishlist of fixes under the domain name XboxFeedback.

Software developer Ryan McCaffery created the unofficial, unaffiliated list of complaints and grievances regarding Microsoft's next-generation console based on information collected around the internet and comments directed his way on Reddit.

"I've put together a list of ways to improve Xbox One," McCaffery wrote on Reddit. "Not to complain about problems but rather a way to present a list of issues that the Xbox Developers can work on to improve the experience for everyone. There is so much information dotted around everywhere I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list."

The list is broken up into separate sections for the hardware, user interface and software, controller, Kinect, party chat and more. Issues and suggestions range from the well-known — such as the disc-eating and party chat problems — to little things like custom backgrounds and the ability to switch display resolution, adding the ability to use an external USB drive and making digital and retail games the same price.

McCaffery encourages Xbox One users with their own suggestions to drop them on the website's comments page or in the Reddit thread created for the website.

Update: As several of you have already noted, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb writes in the thread that he's passed on the information and link to officials at the company.

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