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Velocity Ultra hits Steam Dec. 12

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The Windows PC version of Velocity Ultra will be available Dec. 12 on Steam for $9.99, developer Curve Studios announced today.

The shoot-'em-up was originally developed by FuturLab as Velocity, which launched in May 2012 as a PlayStation mini for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. The studio released a PS Vita-native remake known as Velocity Ultra this past July, and Curve Studios brought that title to PS3 in November. FuturLab and Curve announced a PC version last month.

Curve is also handling the PC port, which runs at 60 frames per second. It includes configurable keyboard and mouse controls as well as full Steamworks support, which consists of leaderboards, Steam achievements and Steam Trading Cards. Curve's publishing arm, Curve Digital, is publishing the PC version of Velocity Ultra.

FuturLab is now working on a Velocity follow-up, Velocity 2X, on PS Vita and PlayStation 4.