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The magical power-ups of Peggle 2's many Masters

A series of five trailers introduces the playable Peggle Masters in PopCap's upcoming Peggle 2 and their magic powers.

Gnorman, seen above, is a smaller-than-average gnome inside a suit of gnomish power armor. His power, Uber Volt, causes every peg hit to arc chain lightning to two other pegs. Ghost girl Luna can turn all blue pegs immaterial for one turn to make hitting the crucial orange pegs easier, ballet dancing yeti Berg freezes pegs in place and makes hits cause chain reactions, the goat-loving troll-ish Jeffrey shoots a massive bowling ball boulder that crushes all pegs in its path, and returning series mascot Bjorn shows the ball's trajectory as it bounces.

Peggle 2 will be a timed exclusive to Xbox One, and hits Microsoft's new console on Dec. 9.

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