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Why Brazilian gamer 'Lord Eternal' paid R$3,999 for a PS4

Despite the price, it was worth it.

That's why Brazilian gamer Paul "Lord Eternal" Campos paid $3,999 Brazilian real — the equivalent of $1,697.22, based on currency conversions as of this writing — for a PlayStation 4.

Sony announced the PS4's hefty Brazilian price tag in October. Sony's general manager for Latin America Mark Stanley later explained that import fees and taxes account for 63 percent of the next-gen console's price.

According to a Google translation of a Portuguese interview published in Game Hall, Campos already owned an Xbox 360 when he bought a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita last year. He's favored Sony's ecosystem since those purchases.

A longtime gamer, he's learned to accept the prices he needs to pay in Brazil for video games and their accessories.

"No, I'm used to video games being expensive," he said, as translated by NeoGAF user Fuu. "I've been a gamer for 30 years, after all this time I am used to the prices. Unfortunately, in Brazil it has never been easy to buy games or consoles, the prices are always excessive."

Campos also gets the console's full warranty because it bought it from official channels and enjoyed the ease at which he found the console, which he said had a smaller launch than the Xbox One, in terms of marketing.

To those who might criticize his decision to buy such an expensive console, he has a simple answer.

"I'd say that it's a free world, we are in a free and capitalist country. Everyone is free to buy whatever they want. If it's on the shelf of a store, it's for the public to purchase. It's no big deal."

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