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Battlefield 4 patches still MIA as problems continue

Electronic Arts is still rolling out patches for Battlefield 4 across all platforms in the wake on going systemic problems, with some patches' drop times still unknown, according to various posts on Battlelog.

The Windows PC version of Battlefield 4 is the only one to have received the update thus far, alongside the first batch of DLC, China Rising, for Battlefield Premium members.

The PlayStation 4 update, which was scheduled to go live today, has been delayed for "additional testing" and will become available at a later date, according to Battlelog.

The last update for the Xbox One version of the game was made on Nov. 28, when EA announced the patch will drop the week of Dec. 2. The patch will address stability and performance issues and, like the PS4 patch, include a fix for the one-shot kill bug.

The patch for PlayStation 3, which will address the same issues as the PS4 and Xbox One patch, is also slated to launch this week. However, there is no further information at this time.

The Xbox 360 version does not seem to have a patch scheduled. The last update to this version of Battlefield 4 was made on Nov. 21 and tweaks stability and adds a few improvements to multiplayer mode.

It is unclear if these updates are tied to the one that is required for players to launch China Rising.

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