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WildStar to feature Medic, Engineer classes

Carbine Studios' upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game, WildStar, will feature a Medic and Engineer class, the developer announced today.

The Medic is a mid-range class that uses medium armor and relies on Power Cores as its resource. Players who choose the medic can either go with a traditional healing role, or act as a DPS medic focusing more on offensive skills. DPS medics will still be able to perform healing skills with correct skill customization. Watch the video below an overview of the class.

Few details have been revealed about the game's final class, the Engineer. The Engineer is a close-range hybrid class who uses high-tech skills in battle. Engineers wear medium armor and use stations, probes and resonators. Carbine Studios will release more information about the Engineer on Dec. 11.

More on the game's previous classes, including the Warrior, Esper and Stalker, are available on the game's website. WildStar is expected to launch for Windows PC in 2014.

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