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Real-time strategy indie Eufloria HD hitting Vita Dec. 17

Flora-themed real-time strategy indie title Eufloria HD is coming to PlayStation Vita on Dec. 17, the developers announced today in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Creative director Rudolf Kremers outlines the changes that have been made to the title — which has been made available on PlayStation 3, Android, Linux, iOS and Blackberry since its initial launch for Windows PC in 2009 — for the Vita version. According to Kremers, Eufloria's Vita version will run at 60 frames per second "in almost all circumstances" within the game. Mechanics have also been integrated into the visuals and most gameplay information will be given through visual cues, allowing players to "read" the game.

"Ironically, Vita's excellent screen worried me a bit," Kremers wrote. "Because of its super-high pixel density (bear with me), the visuals could be very sharp, which could alter the overall feel of what we originally achieved. In reality it's given us the best of both worlds. The almost hazy and zen-like quality of the visuals is intact, but a new clarity is added in places as well. You can easily see the small details on the game's inhabitants, enhancing Eufloria's readability."

Players will be able to utilize the Vita's touchscreen to control zooming in and out and tweaking the game's speed.

Kremers added that the Vita port of Eufloria HD was developed by Titanium Studios, the company behind the title's Blackberry port.

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