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The Novelist launches Dec. 10

The Novelist, the debut indie title from longtime game designer Kent Hudson, will be available Dec. 10, Hudson announced via the game's website.

At launch, the game will be available at a discount price of $14.99 on Steam and Hudson's website; website buyers will receive a Steam key. Those who pre-ordered the game will also receive a free copy of the soundtrack, which will be available separately at launch.

In The Novelist, players take on the role of a ghostly presence in the Kaplan house. The story follows writer Dan Kaplan as he struggles to balance work and his relationship with his wife and son. Chapters are explored in an order that can differ with each playthrough — only the game's relationship progression carries through each time.

The game was announced earlier this year for Windows PC and Mac. In August, it was Greenlit for Steam. For more on The Novelist's exploration of heavy choices and how it relates back to Hudson, read our hands-on preview.

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