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NV3 Games takes to Kickstarter for a new Trainz engine and game

The developers at N3V Games are hoping that the next leg of its Trainz simulation series will depart from Kickstarter.

N3V hopes to raise AU$165,000 to build a new graphics engine for a new generation of Trainz games. Codenamed E2, the engine will feature full world shadows, high dynamic range (HDR) rendering, advanced shaders, 64-bit processing and more. If funded, E2 will also power the physics of the trains in the studio's next games.

N3V also plans to deploy the updates in Trainz Simulator: A New Era, an upcoming entry in the franchise that incorporates content from all previous games, including the most recent entry in the franchise, 2011's Trainz Simulator 12. A New Era will also include up to 16 new routes at its planned December 2014 release.

As of this writing, the crowdfunding project has received AU$136,711 with 14 days remaining. Check out N3V's Kickstarter pitch video below to learn more about the proposed engine and see target renders showing off their plans for the figure of the franchise. Pledges begin at AU$5 at the Trainz: A New Era Kickstarter site.

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