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World of Warplanes video schools you on ammunition, consumables

A new video for Wargaming's flight combat-based, massively multiplayer online game, World of Warplanes, teaches players how to properly use ammunition and consumables.

Players can learn more about equipment options by visiting the service tab in-game. Each plane requires an ammunition belt, which has two different properties: damage per second and chance of fire. In addition to standard ammunition belts, World of Warplanes also features armor-piercing, high-explosive and more. Some planes will only be able to use certain types of belts, while standard, armor-piercing and incendiary will work for every in-game nation.

Belt types do not affect properties like accuracy or weapon overheating. For more on the strengths and weaknesses of belts, watch the video above.

World of Warplanes launched for Windows PC last month.

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