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Nintendo Network services back up, further outages not anticipated

Nintendo Network and its services, including Miiverse social features and the Nintendo eShop, are now fully functional across all Nintendo platforms, according to the company.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that eShop functionality had been restored across all systems.

The company apologized for the inconsistencies and promised to share more information on the launch of Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter when it is available.

Earlier this month the network began experiencing difficulties following an update integrating Miiverse, previously available only on Wii U, as well as Wii U eShop balances to the 3DS handheld. Last Thursday, the Nintendo Network was hit with outages and instability issues following the launch of the Pokemon Bank cloud storage app in Japan. Players on Wii U and 3DS were unable to access the eShop or create a new Nintendo Network account.

On Dec. 26, the night before the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter apps were scheduled to launch in North America and Europe, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo announced the apps had been removed from the Japanese eShop and would be delayed in other territories until further notice. The companies explained this was due to "a large volume in traffic" and intermittent "service disruptions" across the Nintendo Network.

On Friday and Saturday, the eShop was pulled down in different territories to work on the issue, and was out for 12 hour stretches of time in regions like North America and the U.K. Nintendo announced over the weekend that the problems were caused by a "one-time surge in demand" over the holiday.

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