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Ben Heck creates accessibility mod for the Xbox One controller

Modder Ben Heck has created a single-handed accessibility mod for the Xbox One controller for disabled gamers, he revealed in a recent teaser episode of Element14's The Ben Heck Show.

Outlined briefly in the teaser, Heck demonstrated how he created the right-handed accessibility mod. The controller includes modifications such as a spiked thumbstick so players can easily discern what is up, down, left, right, while its backface features a left trigger, along with a gamepad. More information and details about the construction of Heck's single-handed modified controller will be revealed during the full episode, scheduled to go live this Friday on Element14.

Heck plans to donate the controller mod to the Able Gamers Foundation, GameSpot reports, an organization founded nine years ago to assist gamers with disabilities with the cost of assistive technology. Organizers announced earlier this month that the AbleGamers grant program is now permanently open, with those wishing to apply for an assistive technology grant from the charity can do so through the official AbleGamers website.

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