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PixelJunk Eden Steam sale doubled Q-Games' income

Sales of Q-Game's PixelJunk Eden during the Steam holiday sale doubled the developer's annual income, according to tweets from designer and programmer Dylan Cuthbert.

Platform puzzler PixelJunk Eden, the third title in the PixelJunk series, was featured in Valve's annual two-week run of holiday game discounts for $0.99. The game was chosen by the Steam Community in a User's Choice poll determining what game would go on sale at 90 percent off. In response to Twitter questions on how much Q-Games could benefit from selling its games so cheaply, Cuthbert responded that the sale did "phenomenally well."

After receiving the sales figures, Cuthbert added that "the sale was a mind-blowing success" and the developer made its "entire income" from the sale.

PixelJunk Eden is currently available on PlayStation Network for PS3 and through Steam. We've reached out to Cuthbert for more details on the sale figures and will share details as we have them.

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