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WayForward director gives his 3DS XL custom Famicom paint job

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WayForward director James Montagna dedicates his free time to crafty artistic pursuits, revealing via Twitter his latest project: a Nintendo 3DS XL custom painted to resemble the Famicom.

Montagna, who worked on the Adventure Time 3DS titles, covered the outside of the handheld in the familiar crimson sheen of 1983 Nintendo Family Computer released only in Japan. The inside is painted gold and the buttons are black, mirroring the console's color scheme.

Also included in Montagna's photo is a regular 3DS, Game Boy Advance SP, another DS and a set of business card cases painted in the Famicom's signature colors. Montagna is using his handheld to play games rather than let it sit on a shelf, noting that roughing it up will only ramp up its cool factor.