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Man creates machine to hunt, capture, clone shiny Pokemon autonomously

Pokémon X and Y modding enthusiast who goes by the moniker dekuNukem has further developed his hands-free shiny Pokémon finder so the machine now hunts, breeds, clones and releases shiny Pokémon without the need for human input.

Back in November, the modder posted a video of a set-up he'd created that automates the process of finding shiny Pokémon. After the shiny Pokémon were found, player intervention was required to catch them.

In the latest build of dekuNukem's "Poké-O-Matic," the machine not only finds the shiny Pokémon, it will also catch them for the player, breed then, name them where a nickname is necessary and clone them.

The video in which dekuNukem details the process can be viewed above.

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