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Wadjet Eye Games porting PC backlog to iOS

Wadjet Eye Games is planning on porting its PC adventure games to iOS, according to an Adventure Game Studio forum post by developer Janet Gilbert.

Any games in its library may see a release on the iOS platform, Wadjet told Joystiq, beginning with its Blackwell series. Although, Emerald City Confidential may not see an iOS port as Wadjet Eye Games doesn't own the game's rights.

According to Gilbert's post, as PC ports of Gemini Rue and The Shivah have been performing well the studio would like to port its entire back catalog to iOS "if possible." The New York-based indie studio is looking for an iOS developer so the core team can "focus our time on our original games."

Gemini Rue, the cyberpunk noir graphic adventure game from Joshua Nuernberger, was released on iOS in April.
A revamped version of 2006 point-and-click adventure game, The Shivah, launched on iOS Nov. 21. Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert previously told Polygon that the studio hoped to bring more of its back catalog adventure games to iOS.

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