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RuneScape community raise over $90k via in-game donations

The community of RuneScape, Jagex’s fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, donated more than $90,000 in November through in-game contributions, according to an announcement on the game’s official blog.

"Tens of thousands" of Runecsape players raised a total of $90,838 that will be distributed across seven nominated organizations: Willow Foundation, SpecialEffect, Action For Kids, Games Aid, Internet Watch Foundation, HART and the DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

Via the in-game Well of Goodwill, players contributed 544 billion of in-game money, which will see Jagex donating $54,479 on the community's behalf. The MMO's players also contributed 7,000 Bonds, equating to an additional $36,359. According to the post, the Well of Goodwill is currently closed to donations but will remain in-game as Jagex is planning to raise money for more causes in the future.

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