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Nintendo 2DS Pokemon X and Pokemon Y bundles coming Dec. 6

Nintendo will release two new Nintendo 2DS hardware bundles featuring either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y this Friday, Dec. 6, the company announced today.

At Target, buyers can get the Pokemon X bundle, which includes a red 2DS and a pre-installed copy of Pokemon X for $149.99. The Pokemon Y bundle, which features a blue 2DS and pre-installed copy of Pokemon Y, will be available in stores and online at Toys R Us for $149.99.

Nintendo notes that supplies for both bundles are limited.

The Nintendo 2DS, handheld, which has been available on its own for $129.99 since this past October, is a hinge-less version of the Nintendo 3DS. The 2DS retains many of the 3DS' features, including a lower touchscreen, Street Pass and online multiplayer and access to the 3DS eShop.

Check out our hands-on with the system here, while our Pokemon X and Y review is available here.


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