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AbleGamers guide warns against next-gen consoles

The AbleGamers Foundation has released its 2013 Gift Guide for disabled players, which recommends the best controllers and games to play. This year, the guide has warned that new consoles are not yet friendly to disabled gamers.

"To kick off the recommended holiday shopping guide for disabled gamers, we wanted to start off by stating a very disappointing, but expected result," offered the guide. "The next generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, are not ready for the disability community."

The list recommends various products such as customizable Evil Controllers and the Stinky Board which allows players to control games using their feet. Games that score highly for disabled players this year include FIFA 14, Proteus and Final Fantasy 14.

"This was an interesting year for accessibility," said Steve Spohn, COO of AbleGamers. "Many of the top games from big publishers were not accessible by our standards, yet there were many indie games that stepped up to the plate and there were many assistive devices brought to life."

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