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Payday 2 on Steam receives weapons, masks, mods with Gage Weapon Pack DLC

Payday 2 on Steam for Windows PC will receive the Gage Weapon Pack DLC on Dec. 5 introducing masks, weapons, inventory increase, mods and more, according the developer's official website.

Additional weapons include the Eagle Heavy Rifle, Signature .40 Pistol and the SpecOps Submachine gun, along with respective parts for each weapon. New modifications are single and autofire-only kits, which can transform any firearm into an automatic or single fire weapon. Once the DLC rolls out, all Payday 2 players on Steam will receive an inventory increase of up to 36 weapon slots for free.

New masks introduced with the DLC include Dolph the Goat, Arnold the Bulldog, Chuck the Eagle and Jean-Claude the Panda. Masks will also receive a new batch of patterns and materials such as digital camo, commando and soft fur. The contents of the DLC's third crate will be revealed on on Dec. 5.

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