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Battlefield 4 PS4 update rolls out to fix one-hit-kill bug

Electronic Arts this morning began rolling out a patch to the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 to fix the one-hit-kill bug. Developers DICE warned that players may be booted from ongoing games as the patch hits.

The one-hit-kill bug was due out on Monday, but DICE delayed the patch for "additional testing."

Today's patch also fixes a crash that could occur when having a very large amount of friends, according to the official post. It also enabled audio in PS4 video captures. Other patches are on the way, according to the post.

"This small patch was pushed live as quickly as possible to deal primarily with the 'one-hit kill' bug," according to the post. "We are already working on the next PS4 update that will contain more fixes and have a bigger focus on game stability. Stay tuned."

The one-hit-kill bug fix won't deal with another similar issue in the game that the developers say is caused by interpolation.

"The issue of dying before you saw who shot you is a different beast," according to the post. "We use a term called Interpolation in reference to where you are in the game world. There are instances where the death camera is initiated before the correct internet packets have arrived to be interpolated by your camera. This gives the impression that you were killed by 'one shot' as someone came around the corner of a building. We have identified this issue and will address it in upcoming updates."

Since its launch on next-gen consoles, Battlefield 4 users have reported crashes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Earlier this week, the China Rising expansion launched, but players reported being dropped, booted and unable to connect to servers. Check out Polygon's Battlefield 4 review, which was recently updated to reflect the ongoing problems with the troubled first-person shooter.

Yesterday, EA officials said they were putting all future expansions on hold until they could resolve the current issues plaguing the game.

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