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Ouya now accepts Bitcoin payments (update)

Ouya, the company behind the Ouya Android-based microconsole, is now accepting payments using Bitcoin, according to a tweet from the company's official account.

The tweet includes a picture of a checkout page on Ouya's website with an Ouya console and controller in the cart. At the bottom of the screenshot, the Bitcoin payment option is clearly visible.

Bitcoin is an open source, peer-to-peer electronic currency network that utilizes cryptography to complete and secure monetary transactions. Bitcoins are tied to generated addresses that can be stores on users' hardware, in online services or as printed paper notices.

For a detailed look at how Bitcoins work and the digital currency's origin, read Polygon's feature about our hunt to find the man who created it.

Update: Ouya confirmed in a tweet that Bitcoin can only be used to pay for consoles at this time. The Ouya console store currently does not accept payment with Bitcoins for paid games.

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