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Payday 2 gets first weapon pack on PC, PS3 patch out now

Players of the Windows PC version of Payday 2 can now purchase the shooter's first bundle of new weapons, Gage Weapon Pack #1, for $4.99, publisher 505 Games announced today.

The Gage Weapon Pack — named after the wounded Afghanistan-War-veteran-turned-arms-dealer who provides the equipment in question — features four new weapons: the frag grenade, Eagle heavy rifle, Signature .40 pistol and SpecOps submachine gun. It also adds a new gameplay feature to Payday 2: weapon mods that allow you to choose between single fire and automatic fire. Switching to single-fire mode provides stat bonuses, so if you're skilled at pulling off headshots, this mod is right up your alley.

Gage also provides four new animal masks, along with additional patterns and materials. The DLC brings 10 extra Steam achievements into Payday 2 — all of which are weapon-focused — and quadruples the number of weapon slots, from 18 to 72.

You can check out the website of Payday 2 developer Overkill Software for many more details on Gage Weapon Pack #1, and buy it from Steam here.

Those who are playing Payday 2 on PlayStation 3 can now download a significant title update that includes major changes to the weapon and stealth systems. The 4264 MB patch is available on PS3, but Overkill is still testing the Xbox 360 patch.

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