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GTA 5 and Dead Island's bloody torso called out for sexism

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Dead Island: Riptide's bloody torso statue were among the ways the media "failed women in 2013," according to a video created by The Representation Group and titled How the Media Failed Women in 2013.

The video has been picked up by media outlets like Time Magazine and serves as a lowlight reel of the year. It juxtaposes the achievements and breakthroughs made in 2013, such as women making it onto the list of Time's most influential people, with instances of sexism in commercials, music videos, video games and on the news.

Almost halfway through the video, a scene from Grand Theft Auto 5 and a news item about Dead Island: Riptide's bloody torso statue make an appearance, making the statement that some video games — like many other forms of media — are part of the problem.

The Representation Group is a non-profit movement that uses film and media to highlight injustices created by gender stereotypes. The group is behind the film Miss Representation, which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

The video can be viewed above. Polygon's review of Grand Theft Auto 5, in which our reviewer details the sexism in the game, can be read here. Polygon wrote a feature exploring the gendering of video games.

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