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Oregon youth game design camp returns

Following a successful launch in the summer, Pixel Arts, a non-profit organization based in Portland, Ore. is planning a winter game design youth camp at the end of the year.

The four-day course features hands-on workshops to create tabletop and video games. Attendants will be building game worlds using cards, paper, tiles, dice, and tokens as well as submitting design documents through drawings and choose-your-own-adventure program Twine.

In the summer camp, attendants chose areas of game development that interested them most, including Art and Animation, Computer Science and Programming and Design. Many of the volunteers for the camp are being drawn from the Portland Indie Game Squad, an open game maker and player community. Pixel Arts is seeking more subject matter experts and non-experts to volunteer for the camps.

Founders Will Lewis and Jeffrey Sens created Pixel Arts in June 2013 to "provide a framework for community groups to organize and create local opportunities for safe, intergenerational game education," according to the organization's official website. Another camp is being organized for next summer.

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