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Super Time Force delayed, but headed to Xbox One in 2014

Capybara Games will self-publish its platformer/shooter Super Time Force on Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program, according to a post on the developer's official website.

The next-gen version of Super Time Force will launch alongside a previously announced Xbox 360 version in 2014. Check out the video above to see the game in motion. You'll also get a glimpse of Capy's other forthcoming game, Below.

Capy previously pegged the game for a 2013 release, but the Xbox One version contributed to the delay.

"To accommodate development of the Xbox One version, and to make sure we bring you the best game possible, we're moving the release date," the post reads. "While we had originally intended to release this year, the opportunity to do Super Time Force on Xbox One, plus the sheer insanity of releasing during new console launches meant that moving a few months into 2014 was the best plan for our game."

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed a large list of developers who'd signed up for the ID@Xbox program, including Crytek, Double Fine and Vlambeer.

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