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Dark Souls 2's covenants revealed in new screenshots

From Software and Namco Bandai revealed new information about the player covenants coming to Dark Souls 2, explaining how players will invade and be summoned to each other's worlds for cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

Previously, Namco revealed the Way of Blue and Blue Sentinels, covenants that intertwine to send helpful blue phantoms to players — known as blue apostles — who have been invaded by dark spirits. Players who align themselves with the Blue Sentinels will automatically be summoned to the world of a Way of Blue player when they're in danger.

Today, the publisher detailed the Brotherhood of Blood, a covenant of "immortals haunted by blood." The Brotherhood's purpose is to sacrifice blood for the god Nahr Alma by invading the worlds of others. They appear as red phantoms in the game. It also announced the Heirs to the Sun, Dark Souls 2's version of the Warrior of the Sunlight covenant. The golden Heirs to the Sun are summoned to help those in need.

Finally, there's the Bell Keepers, said to be eternal guardians of twin bells that "symbolize the bond between two lovers who could never be united." They're represented by black spirits.

Screenshots of those covenants and players in their spirit forms can be seen in the gallery above.

On Facebook, Namco Bandai says there are "many other covenants" players can discover in Dark Souls 2. From Software's game is slated to come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 11, 2014, with a Windows PC version to follow.

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