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Our first static glimpse at SOCOM's spiritual successor

It's not much, but yesterday afternoon SOF Studios released their first screenshot for H-Hour: World's Elite, the spiritual successor to Sony's tactical team-based online shooter SOCOM.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pride and honor I am allowed to post this for you all today. So much work from a long list of people have gone into this project I am humbled to be the one bringing it to all of you. (my hands are shaking)

Without the support of our community this wouldn't be possible. We thank you, we appreciate you.

Now go spread this across the Internets as if it would create World Peace.

(Thank you David Sears and SOF Studios)

SOF Studios took to Kickstarter over the summer to back the ambitious PC and PS4 game. The project pulled in $252,662 for the campaign, which was asking for $200,000, by July 17.

Former SOCOM lead David Sears talked to Polygon this summer about the teams goals for the project.

"At its heart H-Hour is a spiritual successor to SOCOM, which was very skill based," said Sears. "Most of our mechanics and maps were derived or inspired from real world tactics from the armed forces, about movement over terrain and the protocol over who looks where in the team and what flank you cover and all that stuff. With SOCOM, I was always really happy to see when people started doing that naturally and formed clans and stayed together."

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