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Battlefield 4 unlocks gun scope, tweaks commander with new server version for all platforms

Electronic Arts today began rolling out a new server version for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4, according to an official post on Battlelog.

The server update will unlock the M1911 pistol scope for all players, fix an issue where battlepack boost time is not being used when playing as Commander and fix the 100 rank cap when playing as tablet Commander.

The update might cause players to be disconnected temporarily as it deploys, according to the post.

The M1911 pistol scope we promised as part of DICE's Player Appreciation Program. The scope has a 3X zoom and can be used by all classes. Previously, the scope was exclusive to DICE developers.

To access the M1911 pistol scope, you need to have the weapon in question unlocked. If it is, simply go to the loadout screen in-game, equip the M1911 and hit the customize button. Under "Optic", you will find the accessory, marked SCOPE [3X].

Since its launch on next-gen consoles, Battlefield 4 users have reported crashes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Earlier this week, the China Rising expansion launched, but players reported being dropped, booted and unable to connect to servers. Check out Polygon's Battlefield 4 review, which was recently updated to reflect the ongoing problems with the troubled first-person shooter.

EA officials said this week that they were putting all future expansions on hold until they could resolve the current issues plaguing the game.

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