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Knytt Underground coming to Wii U Dec. 19

Indie exploration platformer Knytt Underground is coming to Wii U on Dec. 19, developer Nifflas announced today.

Nifflas is touting the Wii U version, which will include all game content as well as its Infinity Hype update, as "the best looking version of the game." Players will explore the original game's 1,800 rooms with secrets to unearth, while the Infinity Hype update adds tweaks and changes to the title based on player feedback.

Knytt Underground on Wii U will also utilize the GamePad controller. Players can use the GamePad screen to view the in-game map, noting where they have been already and where to find unexplored territories.

Knytt Undergound launched for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in December 2012 and was approved through Steam Greenlight in August. The title was released through Steam in October for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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