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Wil Wheaton and others join Broken Age voice cast

Wil Wheaton, the actor, author and geek icon, will lend his voice to Broken Age, the Kickstarter-funded adventure game from Double Fine Productions, the studio announced today.

Wheaton has screen acting credits from film and television roles over the past three decades, but has also worked as a voice actor in cartoons like Teen Titans and video games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In Broken Age, he will play the role of Curtis the Lumberjack.

Double Fine released a video today in which Wheaton recorded voice-overs for the game, and which also included the reveals of additional voice talent: Masasa Moyo (Anarchy Reigns, Batman: Arkham Origins) as Vella, Ginny Westcott (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts) as Dead Eye Dawn, Nicki Rapp (The Walking Dead) as Dead Eye Courtney and Alex Rigopulos (CEO of Harmonix) as Alex. Those voice actors join a star-studded cast that already includes Jack Black, Jennifer Hale and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward.

The first half of Broken Age is scheduled for release in January 2014 on Steam Early Access. For more details, check out our recent preview. Double Fine will showcase the game with a live demo at the Spike VGX tomorrow evening, and will be making one more announcement.

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