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Here's what you need to know for Saturday, Dec. 7

Why chat changed on Xbox One and how Microsoft plans to improve it

Xbox One users have expressed displeasure at the changes made to the party chat on the Xbox One. We spoke with Xbox Group Program Manager Jeff Henshaw, who told us that because Microsoft's next-gen console can multitask, the changes the party chat were necessary. Henshaw said the feature will continue to evolve over time.

Gran Turismo 6 review: checkered flag

Gran Turismo 6 really is "the Real Driving Simulator." Find out why we're giving it the green light.

Blade Symphony: what sound does a successful Kickstarter make?

We spoke with Michael Chang, a developer who has been working on his multiplayer swordfighting simulator Blade Symphony for seven years — when he wasn't working with author Neal Stephenson and on Clang, an on-hold Kickstarted title. Chang's own words: "If I don't finish this I will never start anything again."

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