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Windforge achieves Kickstarter goal in its final hours

Snowed In Studios' whale-filled, steampunk-themed role-playing game, Windforge, surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 CAD with only hours to spare in its campaign.

With the help of more than 700 backers, the campaign raised $50,161 CAD. The campaign did not achieve any of its stretch goals, which began at $65,000 and extended to $200,000. Goals would have added extra features such as hardcore mode, a multiplayer arena and Apple and Steambox support.

Described by the developer as Contra meets Minecraft, Windforge tasks players with building their own airships, completing quests and fending off sky whales and basilisks.

Snowed In Studios launched the game's Kickstarter campaign last month to fund its final phase of development. For more on Windforge, read our hands-on preview. The game is currently collecting votes on Steam Greenlight.

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