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Dino Run 2 misses Kickstarter goal

Pixeljam's Kickstarter campaign for its retro-style platformer Dino Run 2 failed to achieve its target funding of $175,000 when the campaign ended.

The campaign fell short by more than half of its goal; 1,794 backers contributed a total of $83,476. All donations will be returned to backers. In an update from co-founder Miles Tillman, the developer explained that it's unclear on whether or not the game will ever be made.

"That depends on a few factors that are totally unknown right now," Tillman wrote. "What we do know is that our beloved dinos will be waiting for perfect moment to re-appear from their sanctuary ... how long that will take, or if it will happen at all, is anyone's guess."

Pixeljam launched the Kickstarter campaign for Dino Run 2 last month. The game was planned for a December 2015 release on Linux, Mac, Ouya and Windows PC.

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