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EverQuest Next Landmark video details building for fun and profit

A new video for EverQuest Next Landmark, a creation tool parallel to EverQuest Next, shows off the speed at which players can build and how they can turn a profit in doing so.

The video above is narrated by director of development Dave Georgeson, who explains that there are two ways to be successful.

"One of them is by amassing a virtual fortune," Georgeson said. "You can go to a marketplace stall and sell the items and objects that you've created. Or, if what you really want is a real fortune, you can make items inside the game, put them up on Player Studio for other players to buy and earn real cash."

For more on EverQuest Next and how Landmark will allow players to literally shape the game's world, check out our interview with Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

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