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Elijah Wood joins the cast of Broken Age as Shay

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood will join the cast of Broken Age, Tim Schafer announced today during VGX 2013.

Wood will voice a young boy named Shay, one of the game's two protagonists. Shay lives on a lifeboat after escaping his dying homeworld. However, after discovering the ship's computer has been sheltering him all his life, Shay sets out to free himself and learn the truth about the greater universe. Watch the trailer below to see Wood in the studio.

Yesterday, Double Fine announced that geek icon and actor Wil Wheaton would also be featured on the cast. Broken Age already includes the voice talents of Jack Black, Jennifer Hale and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward.

For more on Broken Age, check out our hands-on preview as Vella, the game's second protagonist. The first half of Broken Age is slated to launch in January 2014 via Steam Early Access.

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