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Quantum Break gameplay footage shows off time powers

Remedy Entertainment brought its Xbox One-exclusive action game, Quantum Break, to VGX 2013 to show off the first gameplay footage, including time manipulation powers.

Quantum Break begins with a time-based science experiment gone horribly wrong. Two of its playable characters, Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, will be fighting against a corporation called Monarch Industries as they attempt to fix the errors in time, which has begun spontaneously freezing as well as jumping back and forth.

The time manipulation powers in Quantum Break include one that allows the user to quickly rush forward while the rest of the world around them stays in normal time, although the effect doesn't look much like bullet time from the Max Payne series. Developers from Remedy also explained that Quantum Break uses next-generation hardware to deliver tremendously realistic faces and performances in real time, and to produce the visual effect of moving through time: Every item in the world moves backward and forward along with time.

Quantum Break is set for release in 2014 on Xbox One. For more, check out our interview with Remedy creative director Sam Lake.

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