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Terraria launches for PS Vita Dec. 17

Re-Logic's action adventure sandbox game, Terraria, will be available in North America for PlayStation Vita Dec. 17, the developer recently announced via the game's forums.

In Terarria, players explore an open, 2D world while searching for materials and crafting items and structures. Originally launched for Windows PC in 2011, reports suggested the game would be released for Vita in early December. According to the developer's post, the Vita version was finally approved by Sony.

"PS3 players should see, if they haven't already, an update being pushed out," the post reads. "This update allows for the Cross-Play feature compatibility with the Vita."

Further details on the port are expected soon. Terarria will also be available in Europe and other SCEE territories on Dec. 11 for PS Vita. For more on Terraria, read our review.

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