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Bayonetta director explains why he’s not directly involved in the sequel

Longtime game designer and Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya forgoes the chance to work on sequels in order to continue creating new games, according to a recent Famitsu interview translated by Kotaku.

Kamiya explained that though he's not uninterested in making sequels, the "nature of [his] position" often keeps him from doing so.

"Somebody needs to offer new entertainment to gamers and do the work of sowing seeds that can later grow to be strong pillars," Kamiya said. "It sounds a little overblown, but I've come to believe that is my purpose. If I had been involved with Devil May Cry 2, then Viewtiful Joe and Okami might never have been made. If I was directing Bayonetta 2, then I wouldn't have been able to make The Wonderful 101."

Kamiya added that he's currently working on a new project, though no details have been announced.

Kamiya's latest game, The Wonderful 101, was released in September. You can read our review here. The sequel to Bayonetta will launch as a Wii U-exclusive in 2014.

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