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Konami requests Skullgirls be 'delisted' on PSN, XBLA

Konami has requested the takedown of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade editions of Skullgirls, according to design director Mike Zaimont during a recent developer livestream.

According to Zaimont, Sony contacted the developer after the request had been submitted and approved without Lab Zero Games' knowledge. The PSN build will be pulled by Dec. 17, while the XBLA edition will be removed by Dec. 31.

Skullgirls publisher Autumn Games parted with co-publisher Konami last month. The developer is currently working on a new Skullgirls game published solely by Autumn. If approved, the new game will include all the beta changes expected in upcoming patches.

"If it doesn't [get approved], Skullgirls is going to disappear until everybody comes back from winter break," Zaimont said. "... Sony's QA goes home on the 17th, which means we have to give this to them immediately."

Lab Zero is unsure if players will still be able to play their copies online once the game is delisted. Skullgirls is not published by Konami in Japan, however, so it will still be available. Lab Zero is also planning to submit a new copy to Microsoft for approval.

"The horrible, terrible downside of this is that it may disappear from one or more PSNs and or Xbox Live, and the possible good upside of this is everyone is scrambling to help us get this build through testing," Zaimont said. "If it gets through testing then you'll actually have the console patch this year."

You can watch Zaimont's full explanation below at the 8:35 mark. We have contacted Konami for comment and will update accordingly.

(Thanks for the tip, Donald.)

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